Pool Openings and Closings

Why risk damage to the equipment? Trust the opening and closing of your pool to the professionals.

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Tired of Servicing Your Own Pool

Does the stress of finding something wrong with your pool and then trying to find a service tech got you down? Check out our Full-Service Program Packages!

Weekly residential pool cleaning

Designed for un-screened pools, with or without spas, which may require extra attention because of leaves or debris.

Bi-Weekly residential pool cleaning

Residential pool cleaning is designed for screened in pools (with and without spas) and saves our clients the cost of unnecessary cleanings due to the pool being enclosed.

Full Service Pool Cleaning

Includes all steps – we don’t believe in spot cleaning! Premier Pools brushes your tile and walls, vacuums the pool, cleans out all baskets, nets the pool of debris and checks your chemistry. These services are performed each visit. In addition we clean your pool filter on its own schedule determined at start-up time based upon your pools filter type and size. Click to learn more about our Total Clean Promise. Please note some supersized cartridge filters require a mechanic to clean them 2 to 4 times per year and will be quoted separately at start-up.


A Great Deal!

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Turn your cholorine pool into a salt-ion system

Sign up for a full-service program today, and we can turn your chlorine pool into a salt-ion system. We believe you and your family should be free from the worry of your pool’s chemistry and swim in a pool benefiting from a Salt Chlorine Generator. Our Premium Chemical Service provides you with wonderful low level chlorine pool water and a noticeably improved swimming experience through the softening effect which creates a silky feel to hair and skin.


This upgraded service enhances your swimming experience by providing a great feel and eliminating the addition of large doses of chlorine to your pool (shocking). This leads to better feeling skin, less eye irritation and an overall better swimming experience. Pool Trooper customers are required to sign an agreement acknowledging that the Ion Unit is on loan by us during the term of service.


Initial start-up costs to buy and install a Ion can be quite high ($1200-$1500) for budget conscious families. So we decided years ago to buy them ourselves and let customers use them for free. You sign up for our monthly service we send a service technician to install one of our Ion systems on your pool. On our end there’s less maintenance required and the cost of chemicals is reduced. Over the long term we recoup our investment, and you enjoy a perfect swim experience.


Because this unit is part of our service you never need to worry about it as long as you are a Pool Troopers customer. We keep the system operational as part of our service, because it’s our unit and as you to sign an agreement that it is on loan by us for as long as you’re a customer. If for any reason you decide to cancel service, we will remove the system and re-plumb at no cost to you.